Church Ministries

Welcome to the Church Ministries of the
Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist Church;
where there is "A Place for You!"

We want you to feel at home with us, be a part of our family and maintain a growing relationship with God through our diversified ministries. Our passion is to help you become an active disciple of Christ. You will find we are a dynamic church with opportunities to learn, grow and serve. Our innovative ministries are designed for every family type, age and interest; we have something for every one. Come join us and get involved today!

We hope you will get to know something about our church and our ministries as you explore this website; however, we look forward to a personal visit from you to experience God’s love in action. You have a standing invitation from a loving God and the members of the Capitol City Church.

Support Council:
• Head Elder
• Church Clerk
• Treasurer
• Church Administrator
• Renovation Committee
• Plant Manager
• Head Deacon
• Head Deaconess
• Prayer Ministry
• Church Historian
• Church Security
• Funeral Coordinator
Children’s Council:
• Children’s Sabbath School Superintendent
• Sabbath School Teachers
• Children’s Ministry
• Adventurers Club

Youth Council:
• Youth
• Pathfinder Club
• Education Ministry
• Young Ladies/Young Men’s Ministry
• Youth Teachers
• Teens Teacher

Fellowship Council:
• Social Ministry
• Hospitality Ministry
• Athletic Ministry
Discipleship Council:
• Power Hours
• Adult Sabbath School
• Stewardship
• Health & Temperance
• Young Adult/Collegiate Ministry 

Relationship Council:
• Men’s Ministry
• Women’s Ministry
• Senior Ministry
• Single’s Ministry
• Married Couples Ministry

Missions Council:
• Community Services
• Religious Liberty
• Prison Ministry

Worship Council:
• Children’s Choir Director
• Chorale Director
• Choice Phase II Director
• Greeter Ministry
• Usher Ministry
• Floral/Wedding Coordinator
• Stage Manager

Evangelism Council:
• Fijian Ministry
• Personal Ministry
• Interest Coordinator
• Reconnecting Ministry
• Bible Study Ministry
• Evangelism Elder

Media Council:
• Video Ministry
• Photography Ministry
• Communications Department
• Web Ministry
• Social Media Ministry
• Graphic Ministry